In the career equation series, we turn career superstar principles into math-like equations. For fun. And for understanding.

For our first career equation, we’ll start with a simple equality.

Transparency = Freedom

Transparency is about letting other people see what you’re doing and even why you’re doing it. Some people balk at this because they think it’ll be restrictive. Conversely, it actually frees you up so that you can focus on doing the thing rather than constantly managing other people’s expectations and timelines. ...continue reading

StartupI regularly read blogs that sell information products: e-books, e-courses, teleseminars, etc.  In fact, the blogs are full fledged businesses that are supported by the sale of these products, sometimes along with professional services.  It’s a model I have considered following myself, including launching my own professional services, including my Premium Resume Service and Interview Bootcamp. ...continue reading

Manage Your ManagerManaging upwards is really the most important career skill.  Managing upwards includes managing expections, thwarting micro-management and getting them to go to bat for you when you need it.

Because there’ll always be someone to manage up.  There’ll always be someone above you, unless you’re the CEO. And when you’re the CEO, you’ve got the investors to answer to, unless you’re the private owner. And if you’re the private company, you’re going to need to be able to manage your customers. ...continue reading

job searchHave you ever got a call from a recruiter or employer who said something like “Hi, this is so-and-so, we recieved your resume” and you’re like “uh … who are you?”  It’s not that you don’t care, it’s just that there are so many places, some don’t even post company names.

Becomed is basically a CRM system for your job search.  If you’re not familiar with them, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is often used in businesses to track leads, sales and follow up with customers.  It gives you a good look into what is happening and also helps you to keep track of everyone.  So it would probably be pretty useful to have this for your job search, especially when you’re applying to so many jobs all the time. ...continue reading

Are you the best at what you do?  Even with a lenient definition of best (best in the world, best in your state, best at your company), you’re probably not.  Statistically, only a very select group of people get to be the best and you’re probably not in it.

I’m not the best either.  Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an exercise in humility.  I’m damn good.

Being the best often requires a combination of innate talent plus a crazy workload and it wouldn’t hurt if the stars aligned also.  It’s just not a reasonable pursuit. ...continue reading

I just started a Geniusopia group on Brazen Careerist. It’s for superstars, mountain movers and highly productive people.

There’s chat and forums, and I’ll be there to answer career questions. Also, my fellow superstars who’ve already joined are already there to throw in their own advice and experiences.

Hope to see you there:

getting firedDespite your awesomeness, you are going to get fired if …

1. Your boss doesn’t think you’re absolutely positively necessary to the success of the business

As in, doing great things is NOT enough, your boss must really THINK the things you’re doing are great. I’m not suggesting you pull the wool over his eyes and fool him, although that does work for some people. You can keep your boss updated about the many many responsibilities that you juggle. You can send status reports that demonstrate how valuable your work is to the company.

The bottom line, though, is that your boss needs to have a vision of what life would be like without you at the company, and it better not be a pretty one. As in, you have a fabulous set of skills and work ethic that is not only rare at the company, but also anywhere. Losing you would cost the company money AND they’d be hard-pressed to find another one like you. While this may seem like a steep role to fill, so long as you’re NOT doing this, you’re basically expendible. ...continue reading

Big Ideas for SuccessYou’ve probably heard about sending “good vibes”. Positive thinking does have power, but that’s not all there is.

Why aren’t you the CEO of a major corporation? It’s probably not because of your skills. If your thing is marketing or human resources or engineering, you could very well know more about that topic than your company’s current CEO. Actually they get traded around like football players to the point where domain knowledge is not a big thing. Experience, effort, and hours worked are similarly poor distinctions between people who are CEOs and those who are not. ...continue reading

geniusYou’re smart and creative and you care about the things you care about. So what do you have to show for it?

Unfortunately for many of us, it’s just a job where we’re not happy and a home where we’re moderately happy and a family where we’re happier. We don’t have anything to show for all our genius. To rationalize this, we say that we’re busy now and we’ll do it later. Then when we start running out of later, we say that we’re busy now and our kids will do it later. ...continue reading

Successful in Your CareerIn the short run, your career success will be swayed by how old you are, how pretty you are, how much experience you have, how much book learning you have and who you know.  For mediocre people, these factors will define much of their career.

However, you are here at Geniusopia so I can assume that you are smart and remarkable and non-mediocre (in the good way).  These things will not define the success of your career in the long run (and so, the only run that really matters).  ...continue reading